How Camaros and Mustangs Should Sound

Since today's PCH has us in a Mustang/Camaro frame of mind, it's time to see a few that actually, you know, run. Turn up your speakers, because you're going to want to share this with everyone in the office. No, really. Crank 'em up all the way! What we have here is 24 Hours of LeMons Flat Rock winner ViergangFuchs, aka Jack Baruth at the wheel of a '95 Mustang Cobra in a Camaro-Mustang Challenge race last year. Power levels and suspension mods are fairly limited (those much faster cars blowing past in the video are in a different class), so what you're seeing here is the view from a not-absurdly-far-from-stock machine.

And, since today's PCH Mustang was of an earlier vintage than the one above, let's hear a somewhat slower and much cheaper- but still pretty damn cool- Mustang roaring around the track at Thunderhill. Yeah, pushrod V8s are obsolete, but we don't care!

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Jeff Glucker

That sounds like Hot Sex to me...

maybe that's why I always finish so fast?