How Brakes Work

Next to steering, brakes are probably the most crucial part of any vehicle. We've harped on how important it is to keep up on brake maintenance before, so here's more info about how brakes work.


Nothing like a little disco music and a mustachioed private who looks like he wishes he'd stayed in school to get your point across. Did you hear him sigh before he starts his Jeep? That's the sign of a man who's asking himself, "Why, why did I believe my recruiter?!"

Anyway, be glad that he got suckered into signing on the dotted line, because now you can learn something about brakes that perhaps you didn't know before. If you don't work on them everyday, it's a good review. As they say in the video, "The safe operation of a vehicle and somebody's neck — even your own — could be at stake." This poor bastard probably thought he'd be staring goats to death with Jedi Warriors.

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(Hat tip to mrguy037!)

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