The coolest and most exotic cars in the world all in one place

Every year, the most luxurious, exotic and expensive cars in the world get together at Monterrey Car Week, commonly known as Pebble Beach among fans of all things on wheels. From unique classics to the unveiling of the latest models, these are the awesome cars you'll never have. Here are the highlights so far.

The BMW M4 coupe concept looks really feline.

The Galpin Ford GTR1 looks like the car that Steve McQueen would love to drive if he were alive today. A really cool, 1,024 horsepower take on the classic.

The Spyker B6 Venator Spyder is one shade off the car the Pink Panther would drive.

The Cadillac Elmiraj coupe concept seems like the car Darth Vader will use to commute from the Death Star's Upper East Side down to his fancy office in SoHo.

The even-more-ultra-expensive Veyron Legend is an attempt of retro that is not as nice as the original model.

Mike Spinelli has a closer and closer and closer look at this apparently wonderful car.

Meanwhile, Josh Petri got frisked by the military police on his way to Pebble Beach. He got a flat tire on his borrowed $102k Porsche Boxster S while traveling through Fort Hunter Liggett.

Check it out! It's Jay Leon, the comedian whose talent is inversely proportional to the awesomeness of his car collection, arriving to Pebble Beach.

We will be updating this as the Jalopnik crew posts more reports live from Monterey, California.

How And Why You Should Follow Pebble Beach Car Week

Welcome to Pebble Beach (aka Monterey Car Week), the time of the year when exotic cars both old and new descend on a small ocean town and fill the air with the stench of opulence and the glorious burble of engines. Here's how you can follow along.

We'll be posting on the Pebble Beach tagpage and the front page of the site all day. We have a team of reporters going to the Quail Car Show (the most egalitarian show) today, the Monterrey Historics race tomorrow, and the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance on Sunday.


There will be new car reveals like the BMW M4 and Spyker B6 Venator. We'll also be going to the parties and availing ourselves of automaker booze (Bentley is winning so far).

There will be crashes and auctions. Weird fashion. Weird people. Unicorn cars. And some guy dressed head-to-toe in Ferrari attire even though he just owns a 308. We will love that guy.


You can also follow some individual twitter accounts here: Travis Okulski, Matt Hardigree, Mike Spinelli, Jason Torchinsky, Joel Johnson, Chris Mascari, Julia Alvidrez, Kasey Kagawa (Speed Sport Life), Josh Petri (Digg), Blake Z. Rong (AutoWeek, the 'Z' stands for aweZome), and Mike Magrath (Edmunds).

Stay tuned and if there's anything you want us to feature please let us know below. If you're here this week also shout out to us and post to your Kinja so we can share.