How a Lobbyist Rolls: Jack Abramoff's Custom BMW

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Erstwhile Washington power broker and 10,000-pound elephant in the (Congressional and Executive branch) room, Jack Abramoff knew how to get deals done in the City that Truthiness Forgot. He also knew that part of being said power broker meant having a fitting chariot in which to do his big-ass pimping business — that is, a 2002 BMW 745Li with more than $48,000 in mods. Here's a partial list:

  • Tinted windows (natch): $450
  • Custom-built, 15.2-inch manual flip-down video monitor with cordless headphone transmitters, capable of displaying DVD, Game and computer graphics/video signals: $19,995
  • Hands-free cellular system with antenna amplifier: $7,390,
  • Seat-back tables (duplicates of a vintage Rolls-Royce design): $6,495
  • DVD player and console: $4,495.

Notwithstanding the custom work, It's kind of fitting someone now in the hot seat would choose the banner car for flame surfacing. We'll be here all week, try the shrimp cocktail.


How a Big Wheel Outfitted Four of Them [The New York Times]

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