Houston Gets Lame Space Shuttle Replica Delivered In Lamest Way Possible

The deliveries of the real Space Shuttles to their final resting places were grand events that created amazing images. Houston, which deserved a real damn shuttle, is getting a replica.


And just in case Houstonians didn't know they were getting shortchanged, it was delivered on a plane but instead on a damn barge. Thanks, NASA.

I'm not going to get into all the reasons why Houston didn't get a Space Shuttle as it might be mistaken as saying someone else doesn't deserve one. Clearly, both D.C. and Los Angeles have good reasons to get one. NYC doesn't, and has thus offended me as a Texan and a Houstonian and I will loudly remind them of that fact whenever I get the chance.

Instead of a real shuttle Houston is getting a replica called Explorer that will be fitted with a real-ish interior so kids can go crawling through it. It makes perfect sense to transport the replica from Kennedy in Florida to Houston via the ocean, but it still stings.

The first word on the moon may have been "Houston," but the last word on Houston's shuttle copy is sadly "barge."


Photo Credit: Astro_Box

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