Where Will Kimi Räikkönen Go After This Year?

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According to Autoweek, Ferrari’s likely plan of action is that they’re going to sit on Formula One driver Kimi Räikkönen’s contract over the break, thus allowing their option to renew it for 2016 to expire. Where, then, could Kimi go?

A comment from Ferrari team principal Maurizio Arrivabene made to the Swiss newspaper Blick about Räikkönen’s contract being up for renewal set this whole rumor mill in motion.

“In the summer break, you take a summer break,” Arrivabene told Blick about Raikkonen’s option. “You go swimming, climbing, mountain biking — otherwise it is not a break.”


In other words, they’re not looking at anybody’s contracts at the moment. Don’t expect any news on that until after the break. They’re on vacation, man.

While most of you jamokes seem more interested in when Valtteri Bottas might be taking the seat, we’re actually rather concerned for one of our favorite Finns. Where could he be going? Here’s a list of options that we came up with, just in case he’s caught out with nowhere to go.

  • WRC: Attempt Number Two
  • Go boating
  • Go drinking
  • Go drinking on a boat
  • Official spokesman and international representative for Power Wheels
  • NASCAR: Attempt Número Dos
  • Artisanal cheesemaking
  • Bring an early apocalypse upon the earth by partying with the Gronk, thus ripping a hole in the space-time-party continuum and sucking the entire earth into a Zubaz-clad, bass-driven wormhole
  • I hear IndyCar is looking for a new president of competition and operations
  • Crafting small-batch, single-malt brefass scotch
  • Have a number two
  • Newest teammate on the ByKolles World Endurance Championship LMP1
  • WritingspeechesforofficialFIAbusinessmaybe
  • Actually stay at Ferrari because...why not?
  • World’s fastest ice cream truck
  • Glass Pastor Maldonado over the head for any number of on-track sins
  • Motorcycle racing
  • Presidential candidate, Party Party
  • Force India might need someone to replace Nico Hülkenberg
  • Editor, Foodlopnik
  • We don’t care as long as LaFerrari donuts are somehow involved
  • Go drive the Haas F1 Team cars for a while
  • Wander in the wilderness, looking for purpose, meaning and vodka
  • Wrestle bears and/or Vladimir Putin
  • Formula E—wait. Uh. Nah, too predictable
  • That offer to drive my LeMons car is still totally open, dude
  • Conquer Quebec for Finland, man, poutine and Tim Hortons
  • Join forces with SpaceX to party in space

All we can say for sure is, wherever he ends up, we’ll watch. Vaya con Cornholio, brah.


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