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Hop On Board A Ferociously Fantastic Ferrari 599XX Evolution

It is common knowledge among automotive manufacturers that if you want your buyers to know how XTREME your car is, you add an "X" to the end. And if you want them to know it's super-XTREME, you add the word "evolution." So prepare for the brutality that is the Ferrari 599XX Evolution.

Because it really is extreme. Based on the track-only Ferrari 599XX, which was already based on the road-going Ferrari 599, the Ferrari 599XX Evolution weighs more than 70 pounds less than a standard 599XX, and has a revised exhaust system which helps it to push out 740 horses. Not to mention that fantastically huge automatically-adjusted rear wing, complete with little American flag (go America, yay).


But the real treat here is that pure sound coming out of the 599XX Evo's big V12. If anybody ever asks you what makes Ferrari so special, or what makes V12s so special, just show them this video. It's a real shame F1 cars don't have them anymore, because there really is something magical about 12 manic pistons all firing in harmony.

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F1 V10 at the start makes this even awesomeXXEVOLUTION-er. Also, racecar gear changes ROCK.

But why have these YouTubers started talking on camera at the start? Smee started doing it a while ago and TBH I don't really need to hear it. If we can consider this to be porn (we can), then the camera men introducing themselves is like the unnecessary plot line before the action starts. I'd prefer if they publicised themselves at the end so I could choose not to watch it if I don't feel the need.