Hooray For Fifty Years Of Edsels!

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The Edsel wasn't just a failure- it was a colossal disaster for Ford, costing them $250,000,000 by '59, the equivalent to two billion 2007 dollars. It seemed like a good idea at the time; Ford wanted a brand that would be the equivalent of GM's Buick, positioned between Mercury and Lincoln in their hierarchy, but quality problems, an economic recession, and a bizarre "horse collar" grille doomed the Edsel to laughingstock status. But never mind all that depressing stuff; yesterday was the 50th anniversary of "E-Day," the showroom debut of the Edsel. [Washington Post]



I respect all of your opinions, but seriously, is it really that ugly to all of you?

I personally do not find it horrific and nightmarish like some other people have painted the picture. I guess I have always liked odd looking vehicles and I would rather drive something that no one knows what it is. I didnt grow up in that time period, and I guarantee that if I asked the next 50 people I saw what it was, 3 would be able to tell me what it is.

There is a guy down the road from my parents that has an Edsel wagon for sale for a while now...and I have contemplated buying it every time I drive by it. It is in pretty rough shape though.