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Sorry, we've been watching way too many CSI reruns lately. The word "hoon" simply makes us smile, in a giddy way that recalls a junior-high crush. Or an antelope in red argyle socks. In any event, authorities in Warrnambool, Australia aren't quite as enamored with hoons as we are and have passed "anti-hoon" legislation, which to us sounds suspciously like Executive Order 9066 or not.

In any event, said hoons are gonna have the book thrown at 'em, allowing their vehicles to be impounded in instances of behavior indicating one might be a hoon, and especially targeting known hoons. William Petersen and Marg Helgenberger are not known to be involved, as the Las Vegas Crime Lab is ill-equipped to deal with the special forensic evidence that can mark one as a hoon. Seriously, it'll like blow up their mass spectrometer or something.

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