Hoons for Hire: The Wall of Death

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Ryan over at the Jockey Journal posted this a while back, and while we thought it was cool, we hadn't clicked through until now. Shame on us. As long as there have been motor vehicles, there have been hoons. Cannon Ball Baker, Barney Oldfield, Joie Chitwood, Keiichi "The Drift King" Tsuchiya, and of course, the nameless battery of everyday hooligans who populate our "Hoon of the Day" section. Hoonage comes in myriad forms, and some of the earliest were the Wall of Death riders in England back in the '30s. Today, the tradition has been revived by some brave souls, including Ken Fox and Allan J. Ford. And while we tip our hats to these men, neither of their acts include putting a freaking lion in a sidecar and riding the wall. Tornado Smith, you may have been the bravest, looniest hoon of them all.

The Motordrome Company; Wall of Death World Tour [via The Jockey Journal]

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