Hoon of the Day: Tercel's Death of a Thousand Cuts

As soon as "Ballroom Blitz" starts playing and we see that one "Boner Jones" is involved, it's clear that a Tercel is gonna take some punishment here. And these hoons don't disappoint. First they pound the tar out of it for a while, then they run it into stuff. Lots of stuff. But wait, there's more...

The Tercel is still running after all that, so they proceed to administer yet more beatings and collisions. This one gets docked 10 points for excessive slickness and irritatingly hyperkinetic editing (it would have been 15, but they were good about keeping the camera focused and aimed at the action, which is rare for the genre) and another penalty of 5 points for website pimping during the course of the videos. 5 bonus points for writing the word "Hoon" on the car and another 5 for the high-speed "Ghost Driver" reverse crashing. Hoon-O-Meter reading: 31 points. We'll see how Boner and his crew fare in tomorrow's Hoon of the Week voting.


Who's the Hoon of the Week? You Decide! [internal]

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Frank Grimes

5 points first coconut windshield break.

-5 tree owned that car.