Hoon of the Day: Daryl "Hiroshima" Rebeck

This video looks like run-of-the-mill hoonage, but it's particularly notable considering the hoon in question is Team Toyo driver Daryl "Hiroshima" Rebeck, DMCC drifting series racer, in a Mercedes AMG SL 55. The SL, as those who've driven it can attest, doesn't offer the most ergonomically practical setup for the pro drifter, with hand-operated e-brake release handle, left-foot e-brake pedal and paddle shifters — along with 500 + horsepower — to contend with simultaneously. The guy's no slue foot, that's for damn sure.


[via Benz Insider]

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That's not so tough, the paddle shifters mean no clutch right? His left foot then goes to constant e-brake duty, and his left hand just holds the release out constantly. It's a bit backwards, but drifters use one hand to steer as a matter of course anyway right?