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What's The Ultimate Winter Car Myth?

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It's that time of year where it's cold as balls in a pretty huge swath of the country, and that means we've hit peak stupid when it comes to our cars.


This is the time when people make horrible driving mistakes, fail to properly maintain their cars, and act on assumptions that are just completely wrong. Winter brings out the worst in many drivers.

Let's help 'em out by dispelling some of the most common winter car myths. I'll start with one: all-wheel drive makes you invincible in snow. No it doesn't!


Sales of all-wheel drive cars have increased tremendously in recent years, and it's getting rare to find a luxury car that doesn't at least have that as an option. Why? Because people will pay more for all-wheel drive thinking it makes them safer on the road. But the fact is your tires, and how you drive, have more of an effect on how your car behaves in bad weather than anything else.

Your turn, what's the ultimate winter car myth that needs to be destroyed?

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Ash78, voting early and often

Letting the car warm up at idle for several minutes is good.

Get in the car and drive conservatively. It'll warm up quicker and all components will warm up together (cats, tranny, etc), not just the engine. Much better for the car, even if you freeze your ass off for a few minutes first. Get a garage or seat heaters. I have both. Worth every penny.