Honda's Got a Brand New ASIMO

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Just in time for the holidays, Honda debuted a new version of its ASIMO humanoid robot than can play the role of office lackey. The new version, the company says, can "pursue key tasks in a real-life environment, such as an office" and has a broader range of physical capabilities. It can sync up with people — walking while holding hands with someone, for example, or... (oh, c'mon) — and can carry objects by wheeling a cart. Additional system development enables the new ASIMO to perform the tasks of a receptionist or information guide, by giving him visual and surface sensors to recognize the surrounding environment. It also has a new top speed of almost 4mph, compared to the previous 2 mph, and can operate in a circular pattern. Honda says the next focus for the ASIMO development team is intelligence capabilities, or getting ASIMO to make comprehensive judgments based on various situations — like, say, determining who ordered the grande half-caf latte with a shot of vanilla and shaved chocolate by the kind of sweater he's wearing.

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