The Honda Ridgeline as we know it is going by the wayside in mid-2014 but fans fear not— a new rendition is coming that Honda plans to reveal "within two years."

For all you nonbelievers who thought Honda's trucklet was an anemic, good for nothin' "fauxby4", the company reports sales of the Ridgeline increased 29% to 16,160 units this year. Apparently, that was enough to commit to another rendition.

The sketch above, which is the only official graphic Honda has released so far, reminds me a bit of the massive four-door Toyota Tundra. American Honda's VP of Automobile Operations Michael Accavitti said "The next generation Ridgeline will build on Honda's role in creating new value with a new take on advancing form and function in the truck segment."

Perhaps that means we can expect a more robust powertrain and working capability from the next Ridgeline, but projected specs have yet to be released.

Image: Honda