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Arguably the most important automotive news story this week was Honda's shipload of Chinese Jazz. No, it's not a derivative of "Chinese Rock" (a mothbally reference probably a third of you, thankfully, will get), it's Honda China's first Chinese-built export to Europe. A carrier ship full of Honda Jazzes left the port of Xinsha in Guangzhou last Friday, having already picked up some Japanese-built models on the other side of the Ryukyu Trench, and are expected to arrive in Germany next week. Industry watchers are poised to see if the Chinese-built cars, which will be sold interchangeably with the Japan-built ones, will meet the same quality standards of those made in Japan. (Context: Remember back in 1984 when no one in America wanted a US-built Accord?)

For a quick summary, check out Auto Wonder.
For greater depth, try the New York Times.


Ship Shortage Could Delay China s Nascent Car Export Market [internal]

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