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It's hard to believe 16 years elapsed since Honda revealed the Acura NSX, in concept form, to a stunned automotive crowd. Back then, most American car fans couldn't have named a single Japanese exotic, barring the soon-to-be updated Toyota Supras/Nissan 300ZXs of the time. Incongrously, the NSX became a halo car for a growing line of dowdy luxury sedans — which helped teach Americans to say the words "Japanese" and "luxury" in the same sentence. It was also the object of intense affection for impressionable youths, who had accepted copious noogies and purple nurples beneath the glossy gaze of their big brothers' Countach posters.

Sadly, Acura is retiring the current NSX, largely to the prohibitive cost of making the original design conform to new safety and emissions standards, and to make the heavy, 290hp machine more competitive in the $90,000 marketplace.

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Instead, the company will build a new supercar, some say based on the 2003 Honda Sports Concept (pictured), shown at that year's Tokyo motor show. According to Honda senior vice president John Mendel, the replacement will be an ultra-high performance vehicle, though no timeline has been announced.

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