Honda Odyssey Needed In LA For Performance Of Homer's Odyssey

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My friends over at the art collective Machine Project are doing performances of Homer's Odyssey while inside a Honda Odyssey that circles LA's freeways. The Homer they have, but they sure could use the Honda.


I'm told there will be money involved for the lucky person who gets to loan their Odyssey for the two weeks of performances, but more importantly, you'll be making possible an artistic event that has never been tried before. Here's the description from Machine's website:

An audience of two join Odysseus in his escape from Calypso in this performance of Homer’s Odyssey that will take place in a Honda Odyssey minivan while circling the freeways of Los Angeles. Performances will take place nightly July 1st- July 15th. Audience size is extremely limited- visit this page for more info and tickets as they become available.

Machine Project events are almost always engaging and fun, and I'm sure this will be no exception. I've done a number of car-related and non-car-related events at Machine, so I really hope some Odyssey owner can come through for them.

So, if you're that Odyssey owner, please email Bennett at bennett [at] Thanks!


I love this idea. Don't know why, but it just makes me happy.