Honda Mods A CR-Z For Darth Vader

Illustration for article titled Honda Mods A CR-Z For Darth Vader

Honda created the TS-1X, a modified CR-Z, for this month's Tokyo Auto Salon. Outside of the matte-black bodywork, Honda didn't say whether Darth Vader's hybrid gets any extra Force. [WorldCarFans]


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Ratchet when he's all hopped up on synthetic energon

You know, I don't see Vader at all.

I'll see BTTF Delorean, at least from the angle presented.

Honda: please drop the CR-Z Si so you can shut up the haters. Give it a proper high-revving 1.8L, and being that you have an electric motor to provide low end torque, you can sacrifice the low end of the gas motor for even more up top.

Just because Toyota gets away with convincing America that modern Corolla with 2 less doors is a sports car doesn't mean you can do the same with the Insight.