Honda Hybrid To Purportedly Deliver 60 MPG, Not Be Named "Insight"

Honda's apparently aiming for a fuel economy of 60 MPG or higher with the new Honda hybrid expected to show its face at the Paris Motor Show. We're also hearing "Insight" has been tossed out the window as an option for the name.


Although we already knew Honda would be shooting for a starting price around $18,500, drastically undercutting the new Toyota Prius, but with fuel economy targets out there in the open, we're interested in how they'll hit it.

Jalopnik Snap Judgment: More than likely that frugal figure will be eked out with a lighter version of their 1.3-liter four-cylinder mated to a CVT sporting an aggressive version of Honda's Integrated Motor Assist system. Apparently "Insight" is off the table as a name for the new dedicated hybrid, but we're confident whatever it ends up as will be on the lips of every green wonk and auto journo from here to Timbuktu once the moniker is unveiled later this year in Paris. [Edmunds Inside Line]

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