Honda EV-N Concept: Adorable By Day, Frightful By Night

Illustration for article titled Honda EV-N Concept: Adorable By Day, Frightful By Night

Honda's EV-N is a retro-styled battery-powered concept car with room for your U3-X gyroscopic uni-robo-cycle and a face that screams adorable by day and sad, but scary by night.


Inside, there's what you'd expect from a concept car — nothing revolutionary or Ikea-like here other than a Haworth-like swappable seat fabric system and oh, yes, room for one of those odd-looking U3-X robo-unicycles in the EV-N's passenger-side door.


Outside, there's a solar roof, and some sort of a color-changing "communications system" embedded in the black front fascia that at night makes the little Cooper-like Honda concept look positively eerie.

Otherwise, nothing more to see here. Please move along.

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Screw the haters.

I like it. Yeah, that's right. I said it. I like it.


It's simple, really. As Jalops, we must necessarily realize that different people have different tastes in cars based on both objective and subjective factors. Sometimes those factors are based on an individual's philosophical leanings (which some here have come to term "smug"), and sometimes they have their roots in things as simple as necessity.

After all, who buys a minivan out of enthusiasm? Not many. They, do, however, buy a minivan out of both necessity of having kids and a philosophy that taking care of their family comes before their personal desires.

Similarly, some people want a more environmentally-conscious car. That's simply their in accordance with their philosophical outlook. You and auto manufacturers can mock it all the hell you want, but when it comes down to it, when they want to buy a car and will give their money to whomever makes the car best suited to them, suddenly it's not quite so damn funny. It becomes serious business, and the joke winds up being on those who were laughing in the first place.

Others may live in dense, crowded urban environments and don't have any great need to drive long distances or transport a lot of crap or people (those words may potentially be synonymous), but just need something that's easy to maneuver around town, park, pick up a week's worth of groceries, and then go home. Something that they don't need to take way the hell out of their way to refuel.

Thusly, from a business and marketing standpoint, I like this. I think that it's brilliant.

This is exactly the sort of thing that GM and Ford need to be coming up with right now: a better-executed rendition of the concept behind the Smart Car.

Nice move, Honda. GM, Ford, are you paying attention?

If done correctly, this will pay dividends for a long time to come.