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Honda Accord Crosstour's New Smile Up Close

Illustration for article titled Honda Accord Crosstours New Smile Up Close

The Honda Crosstour has revealed a closer side of its personality on Facebook. From the photo of the grille below, it appears the Accord wagon won't share the snub-nosed look of the Honda Pilot. See for yourself below the jump.


Honda's tease campaign still hasn't shown us the rump, which is what we're really waiting for. As a reminder, the Accord Crosstour will go on sale this fall as a 2010 model. [via Honda]

Illustration for article titled Honda Accord Crosstours New Smile Up Close

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I'm sorry, but a nice smile just isn't enough.

All you internet speed daters, you know what I'm talking about. They can have a nice smile, but still look like pimpled bridge trolls and have all the insecurities of a lost puppy in a dark, rain-soaked alley.

Plus, being the mildly chauvinistic guy that I am, I take the ass into account, too. And something tells me that this particular smile will come saddled with a lot of junk in the trunk. Not that that's necessarily an automatic disqualification, but the manual says that some can be a little needy when it comes to self-assurance.

And, finally, it comes down to personality. A good personality can make up for all sorts of things. Just like that little Miata down the street; she may not be as downright, jaw-droppingly sexy as the slinky little S2000 across town, but she's sweet as the day is long and lots of fun to spend time with.

I'm sorry, Crosstour.

This time, it's not just me, it really is you. You have so much unrealized potential, but it's like you don't even care. You try to be everything to everyone to make sure that everybody is happy, but in the end, you just wind up forcing a bunch of unnecessary compromise in everyone's face. You're not a wagon. You're not a sedan. You're not an SUV. You try to be all that and a Honda at the same time, but you're not.

Stop trying to pander to everyone else's needs and just focus on figuring out what you want to be, what you need to be. Just take some time to do a better job of figuring things out, and when you've done that, we'll all be here, and maybe we can hang out and have a good time, just like the good old days.

Oh, and while you're at it, try to lose some that spare tire and junk in the trunk.