Honda Accord Crosstour Brings The Butt

Illustration for article titled Honda Accord Crosstour Brings The Butt

The Honda Accord Crosstour is currently undergoing inspection by the autojourno set, including our own Ray Wert. These first live photos, below the jump, reveal the new crossover certainly conforms to the Beyoncé definition of "healthy."

When the Crosstour was revealed on Facebook it drew the ire of many Honda fans. The company's lame excuse was to blame the photos. Now that you're seeing it without automaker interference what do you think? Does it look better or worse?

Wert will be back soon to report on whether or not there's an upside to match the prodigious backside.


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superbadd75, 'tis the season to go on a rampage.

I like big butts and I can not lie.

But this Crosstour just won't fly.

When a car rolls up with a good looking face but its ass is out of place, you get sick.

Look at that ass just saggin,

Why doesn't Honda just sell a wagon?