Homer Simpson Loves The New Cadillac CTS More Than The Canyonero

As an auto-lover, if you were tuned in to last night's episode of the Simpsons, you weren't disappointed. The longest-running show to not jump the shark showed exactly why it hasn't. Homer's old beater-mobile got one too many dings rear-ending the back of a Pacer look-alike (with what we're assuming can only be an aftermarket airbag) and needed some time in the ol' repair shop. Homer finds himself behind the wheel of a loan-er brand-agnostic luxe-mobile with a remarkable similarity to the new Cadillac CTS. The inside jokes run freely throughout the episode's side storyline, and include what may be the funniest car-related Simpsons line since the Canyonero commercial song. To wit:

"I never dreamed an American car designed in Germany assembled in Mexico with parts made in Canada could be so amazing!"

We couldn't believe it either, which is why we included the clip above. (Hat tip to vwminispeedster!)

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