Homeland Star Damian Lewis Will Test His Might On Top Gear's Premiere

We're now less than two weeks away from the premiere of Top Gear's 19th season, and while we've given you a ton of great details about the mayhem the BBC has in store for us, one critical question has gone unanswered: What celebrity will be put to the test in a reasonably-priced car on the show's famous test track?


UNTIL NOW. We have learned that the Jan. 27 premiere will feature super-intense Homeland star Damian Lewis on the "Star in a Reasonably-Priced Car" segment. Lewis is probably best known to American audiences as the repatriated U.S. Marine with a shady agenda on Showtime's smash hit (which I recommend pretty highly if you haven't seen it) but he's actually British and has starred on several BBC shows. Presumably, Lewis will take to the track in the Kia Cee apostrophe d hatchback, which has been used for the past few seasons.

Will Lewis bring glory to Queen and Country by taking the title from Matt "Joey" LeBlanc, who set the fastest driver record last season? OR IS HE A TERRORIST WHO WANTS TO KILL US ALL?!?

We'll find out on Jan. 27.

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