Illustration for article titled Home Falls On Detroit Man Wizard Of Oz-Style After Scrapping Attempt

The decaying houses of America's Chernobyl are utilizing one last line of self-defense as the once-great city of Detroit gasps wearied breaths in its struggle to survive.


Oh, sorry — was just trying to go for the usual Detroit hyperbole. Anyways, it does seem like this otherwise lifeless home was defending itself against an unlucky scrapper who was nearly crushed to death on Monday.

It happened on Pasadena Street on the city's westside when the man was, presumably, searching the house for metal and other valuables. Then neighbors say they heard a loud thud — the roof of the home's front porch crashing upon the man.


"He looked like 'The Wizard of Oz' where the house fell on top of the witch," one neighbor told The Detroit News, referring to this famous scene.

The man was treated for his injuries at a nearby hospital.

Screenshot via The Detroit News

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