This motorcycle is powered by a 500-plus-hp V10 from a Dodge Viper. It is not a Dodge Tomahawk. Some crazy British guy built this sucker, and the loony bastard actually rides it. Awesome.

The motorcycle you see here made a surprise appearance at Cassington Bike Night near Witney, England. It was built by Allen Millyard, the man who appeares to be sitting on it in the image below, and the same guy who once built a V-12-powered '70s Kawasaki. The bike isn't news — it made the bike-blog/magazine rounds in summer of last year — but it's still pretty awesome.

Look at that guy's face. Just look at it. That is the face of a man who is happy. He has a Dodge Viper motorcycle, and it's not some priceless, four-wheeled factory prototype that doesn't actually work. You there! Old man with your fingers in your ears! Rock and roll a little too loud for you? Getting old? Anyone ever tell you that you're lame? Ha! The revolution will be motorized! Eat it, fogeys!


(Hat tip to Craig!)