Holy Hell They Race Semi-Trucks At Brands Hatch

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America's not the only place folks like big trucks. The British Truck Racing Association has been hustling "lorry cabs" around circuits since the mid 80's, even driving right across the finish line to pick up cargo and get back on the job.


In the BTRA's own words:

"In the early days of the sport during the mid 1980s, the majority of competitors were actually racing road-going trucks. The Italian winner of the very first Donington event arrived with a fully loaded trailer, unhooked it, collected the silverware – and on Monday morning was back on the road to deliver his load."

Like. A. Boss.

This photo was taken at the DELPHI British Truck Racing Finals 2012. Does anyone recognize what kind of cab that is?

The morning Race Truck Giddy Up is your fast 'n loud wake-up call, every weekday at 9:30AM. Even if you can't hear the raging rumble through a photograph, I hope these ass-haulin' trucks help get you psyched for the work day.

Image: JoeRuscoe95/Flickr


That looks a lot like a Foden