Holy Crap This Is A Bonkers Wreck

I’ll start off by saying that nobody was seriously hurt in this wreck in Atlanta, so feel free to really revel in the remarkable batshittery of it all. I mean, that Mazda 2 tumbles off the roof of that building like a colossal cat just batted it off.

The wreck seems to have happened when the driver, 63-year old Stanley Clarke, allegedly got his foot trapped between the gas and brake pedals, causing the car to accelerate uncontrollably.

The speeding Mazda whipped through a parking lot off Marietta Street in Northwest Atlanta, as you can see in the first part of the video clip, and crashed onto the roof of a nearby chiropractor’s office.

Then, the car tumbles off the roof and lands, heavily, on its own roof. In a way, it’s fortunate the car landed upside down, as you can still see the front wheels spinning, suggesting they were still under power.


Incredibly, Clarke only suffered mild injuries. I know it’s hard to think rationally under circumstances like these, but it’s worth remembering if you’re ever in such a situation that you can always turn off the ignition.


(via BoingBoing!)

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I thought, “Oh, 63 years old, that explains it.” Then realized he’s younger than me.