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Dax Shepard is making a movie-remake of the buddy cop TV show CHiPs, and apparently running around filming in the gnarliest camera-carrying car Iā€™ve ever seen.

What one might describe as the offspring of an insect and a dune buggy actually looks like a Baja prerunner; a rear-engined long-travel desert monster built for slamming through an off-road race course.

Or, I guess, chasing Hollywood guys around with an enormous camera on an even bigger stabilizer.

Weā€™ve seen plenty of kickass camera-carrying vehicles on sets. Usually Ford Raptors, Mercedes ML AMGs or Porsche Cayenne Turbos. But this is the first buggy Iā€™ve seen on movie duty. Maybe theyā€™ll use something like this to shoot the Dust To Glory sequel!

Anyway after scrolling through Shepardā€™s twitter feed Iā€™m suddenly excited for this CHiPs movie.


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