Doing a double backflip on anything is pretty hard. Doing it with a big hulking 450-pound snowmobile is downright insane. After many, many attempts by snowmobile riders around the world, Swedish rider Daniel Bodin finally stuck the landing on one of the hardest snowmobile tricks in history.

American riders Colten Moore and Heath Frisby have also been trying to nail the stunt ahead of the Winter X Games later this month, according to Red Bull. Bodin, however, got the honors of doing it first in Malung, Sweden.

Photo credit: Richard Ström/Red Bull Content Pool

Bodin took a couple test jumps first, and then did two full rotations mid-air to nail the jump. He was riding his own custom-built snowmobile for the jump.

Photo credit: Richard Ström/Red Bull Content Pool

In case you were wondering just how hard this trick has been to nail, here’s footage from Levi LaVallee trying to make the jump work in 2009:

LaVallee ultimately didn’t make it, but that just goes to show you how terrifyingly steep the ramp has to be just to get enough air to pull this off.

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