Holy Crap I Can't Believe This Motorcycle Rider Survived This Crash

You ever have a motorcycle come up crazy fast behind your car, and then you watch in your mirror and pray to the speed gods that he slows down? This is one of those times where the rider doesn't. And it's bad.

From Carscoops comes this video of a bike crashing into a Mazda CX-5, purportedly at 140 mph, according to the guy who posted it on YouTube.

Like Carscoops, I'm skeptical that the rider was really going that fast, but he's definitely looking off to the side at his buddy, which causes him to not see the Mazda until it's too late. The result is a rather nasty-looking crash.

The rider must have survived the crash to post his video on YouTube, but I'm sure he felt it the next morning.


Update: As reader J to the G pointed out, Reddit's on it. Here's a photo of the Mazda after the crash. Ouch.

Update 2: Looks like the video has been set to private. Anyone have a copy?

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There is no valid reason to be traveling that fast on the freeway.