We originally reported that Hertz would offer the ST-H in the United States based on misreading a Tweet. We were wrong. We're sorry and will do our best to get them to offer the ST-H since we got y'all excited. Redacted post below:

You better start learning how to drive a stick sooner than later, because the Focus ST-H is reportedly coming to America to shake up your rental experience with its golden wheels and stripes.


The 252 hp Focus ST-H has been available in Hertz's fleet in a few European countries since 2012, but according to Roger Garbow, it's also about to make its way to America with its six-speed manual, Recaro seats and all other goodies that make it so fun.

We all know that the fastest cars on the planet are always the rentals no matter what sort of engines they pack, but the Focus ST-H might just lead the way with its 2.0 EcoBoost.

Hertz calls the ST's category the "Fun Collection" in Europe. Indeed.

Photo credit: Ford NL