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You know the worst part about racing movies? Drivers. They're so dull and milquetoast, never showing emotion, but needlessly devolving into wild rivalries based on outmoded ideas like "skill" and "talent." The director of The Pirates of the Caribbean wants to change that.


Gore Verbinski, the guy behind the first three amusement park-based flicks, and Steve Conrad, the writer of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, have successfully pitched a movie to Sony Pictures that Deadline Hollywood describes thusly:

It's a large scale action adventure comedy that's best described as a transcontinental car race with autonomous vehicles. The race originates as a beta test to vet competing software companies that would take the lead on futuristic driver-less vehicles, but it all takes an It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World-like comedic turn when the trial run devolves into major road race after the competitive nature of the start-ups trumps their altruistic intentions. The subjects, normal people who are passengers in these cars, eventually try to take control of the experiment. A simple trek from Paris to Beijing, goes awry as vehicles head off the road and off the grid, getting into all kinds of trouble.


Just shoot me now.

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