Holiest of Holies! The Ladacamino!

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Look. I, Davey G. Johnson, supposedly of sound mind and body, know that Mike Austin is supposed to fulfill the role of the smartass El Camino-fetishist who somehow ended up being occasionally smooth with the ladies while I take a much-needed rest. And so far, he's doing well. But goddammit, reader "Regards" Mattias just sent in a Ladacamino. It's rusted. It's dented. Mister Jalopy would probably trade his girlfriend for it. It is homebrew, Eastern-Bloc style desperation at its finest. Its dilapidated sheer radness brings tears. You know? Screwit. Screw R&R and redecorating and whatnot. An emo Ladacamino? That shit's a job for one man, and one man alone. That's worth interrupting a sabbatical for.

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