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Just when Pontiac's new, 400hp GTO was starting to draw the model out of its constipatory sales condition (please, no Bobby Brown jokes), the car's platform supplier, GM's Australian Holden division, announced it was discontinuing the Monaro model on which it's based. If we lived in Australia, we'd be at sixes and sevens (i.e., pissed off a cliff), considering the Monaro is a much-beloved muscle car there. (But the company is launching a good-bye edition, the CV8-Z, which offers a new color and a cosmetics package.) As for the GTO, the company hasn't decided on whether it will kill the Monaro's export models (GM's Vauxhall has a UK version as well), though a decision on a new GM rear-wheel-drive platform will likely come through simultaneously. [Thanks to Peter for the tip.]

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