Holden To Announce LS7-Powered HSV Commodore?

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Our mates over at Wheels magazine have some news for the followers of power-upgrades in Aussie muscle cars. The Australian buff book claims the Special Vehicles unit of Holden is bringing a 7.0-liter LS7-powered supercar to Sydney's Australian International Motor Show in October. There's no word yet on a name, but Wheels posits that HSV

"...could dust off the unused 427 moniker, or maybe the GTS-R badges from the 2004 concept race car. Our bet is for a combination of the two and the car to wear GTS-R 427 badging..."


All we're betting is if this news is true it greatly heightens the possibilities for dropping that 500 HP-plus LS7 engine into the 2009 Chevy Camaro, the Commodore's Zeta-platformed cousin. And don't even get us speculatin' on an LS7-powered Camino SS for 2011.

HSV's King Hit! The LS7 Commodore Is Coming!!! [GMInsideNews via Supercars.net via Wheels]

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