Hold That Tiger: Custom 465hp Sunbeam

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The other day we were on I-5 in the Central Valley (yeah, we know, all of our best stories start that way), when we saw a guy cruising along in a Tiger and thought to ourselves, "Goldangit, that's purt'close the perfect Jalopnik vehicle American heart, British body and suitably obscure." So, if Denton wants to set us up with a hundred-and-twenty-five large, we'd gladly drop it on this subtle custom job. The 289 is punched out to 331 and topped off with free-breathing AFR heads. It's got a T5 into a 'Vette pumpkin, a 22-gallon fuel cell and a Halon fire-suppression system to keep the whole thing from going up in smoke. The rear tires, however, are another matter. [Thanks to Carlo for the tip.]


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