Swollen Appendix Forced Gerard De Rooy To Turn Around In The Baja 500

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We were all really looking forward to watch Dutch Dakar racer Gerard De Rooy hustle his giant Iveco Powerstar race truck through the 2014 Baja 500, but unfortunately his attempt was cut short when he was overcome with pain cause by a swollen appendix, turning around at mile 37.


The story as discussed on BenzWorld has been confirmed as true by BCII President and Baja 500 official Greg Glass.

Statement from Gerard De Rooy's Facebook page, translated from Dutch [sic]:

"It whas not my day, or better not my week. it started 1,5 week ago with a appendix inflammation, i had surgery and thay took it out. i thought it is nothing and the truck already is in the us so lets go and try to race. last Thursday (2nd day of reconnaissance), i got real pain of my groin / kidneys. so pills in and lets race. it went ok, already overtook 6 car but after 50k i could not stand the pain any more, trowing up and almost passing out of the pain, and the bad part of the road had still to come.

It realy sucks that it hapend right now, on a nice event like the Baja 500...... To be continued"

Hope he gets well soon and gives the race another shot with his big 'ol truck! About 54% of competitors finished the race.



Hmm, Mexican food strikes the Dutchman down!