Illustration for article titled HKS GT570 Nissan GT-R Makes 559 HP... At The Wheels

Plenty of tuning options for the Nissan GT-R are popping up, but few are as appealing as this HKS GT570 power upgrade. The standard GT-R is rated at 480 HP, but this kit is supposed to up that to just over 570 HP at the flywheel by way of a new exhaust, intake pipe kit, boost controller and wastegate actuators. A shop in Hong Kong decided to find out for themselves, so they installed one of the HKS kits, strapped the car to a dyno, and ended up with a reading of about 559 HP at the wheels. Considering that you expect 10-15% of the power at the flywheel to be lost in the drivetrain on most cars, that's an astonishing result. Either the GT-R's drivetrain is stupidly efficient, the HKS kit is underrated, or perhaps a bit of both. Video of Godzilla on the treadmill after the jump. Click to view [via GT-R Blog]


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