Hilarious Smart Fortwo Ad Shows Why It's OK To Suck At Off-Roading

The Smart Fortwo kind of sucks. It's tiny, it's got no power, its gas mileage isn't as good as you would expect, and its automated manual transmission is terrible. But you know what it's really bad at? Off-roading.


This new ad from Smart Germany shows the Fortwo attempting to climb hills, crawl on rocks and cross deep water like a Jeep Wrangler. As is to be expected, it fails miserably and hilariously.

But that's okay! Because unlike some big SUV, the Fortwo can be parked anywhere. And that's where this brilliant tagline comes in: "As good off road as an off-roader in the city."


I love this ad. It's funny, it shows off the car's most useful quality, and it's self-deprecating, a trait you basically never see in automotive commercials.

Can we get more footage of off-road Smart fails? I could watch that all day long.

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Your argument is invalid. smart for two is great at off-roading with a little modification.