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Edmunds Inside Line has been watching the skies for news about Nissan's higher-spec Sentra for 2007, the SE-R. Now, they report the former Datsuns announced they'll introduce not only the 2007 Sentra SE-R but also the even higher-spec Sentra SE-R Spec V at the Los Angeles auto show later this month. All we know is the SE-R Spec V will get a 2.5-liter four-pot that'll likely top 200 hp. Also on the LA docket is a "uniquely styled, exhilarating performance-oriented vehicle, which marks Nissan's entry into a previously untapped customer segment." That's likely the Altima coupe caught during a commercial shoot last month, which will be in the vanguard among baby Infiniti G35s costing under 20 grand.

Nissan To Debut Sentra SE-R at L.A. Auto Show [Edmunds]

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