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High Schooler Tries To Jump Over Car, Gets Hit, Lands On His Feet

Here we see a high school idiot apparently try and clear his friend's car, only to smack into the windshield, flip, and then land on his feet.


Just about ever single 'guy jumps over car' video is fake, but this one seems legit for a few reasons.

The guy can get over 41 feet in the triple jump.

He does parkour (not always successfully).

He does random dumb shit with cars.

He's tried to get hit by that very same Nissan before.

And he likes to put himself in danger.

This car jump video still could be fake, but I'm starting to think this guy is ballsy enough to do this for real.


(via Autoblog)

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Out of the three people involved, I'm struggling to identify the stupidest one of them all. Aw shucks, forget it. They are all idiots.