Hi-Noble, Fez Up! Shriners Rock the Parade

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Back when we were wee, family friends used to have a great block party every 4th of July. Fireworks, lotsa food, egg and water-balloon tosses, and of course, mandatory hoonage in mini-mini-minicars by area Shriners. Later on, Tipper Gore appeared on the scene and brought a certain record called Frankenchrist to our attention, which featured a totally incongrous cover featuring a row of Shriners in miniature Cutlasses. Oh, God, the chick next door's throwing a shit-fit again. Oh well, at least we've got the Knitters on the stereo to keep us company and this article from the WaPo about Shriners and their cars.

Shriners Tucked Into Tiny Cars A Dashing Sight at Annual Parade [Washington Post]


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