What's The Worst Car For Sitting In Traffic?

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Ideally, every experience behind the wheel would involve a never-ending winding back road with no speed limits, no other cars, and no police. Unfortunately, the world doesn’t work that way.


Even if you love cars, sitting in traffic is the worst, and it can make even the most die-hard gearhead see the value in a system like Tesla’s Autopilot. Traffic, as we say around here every morning, sucks.

So what’s the worst car for sitting in traffic?

Our man Tavarish nominated the old Lamborghini Murcielago with the E-Gear automated manual. “It’s horrendous. They’re adjusted horribly. Basically it’s both uncomfortable and hard to drive slowly.”


Maybe it didn’t matter to your average Lambo owner, who prefers being seen in his car above all else, but it should matter to real drivers. What cars would make you avoid traffic at all costs?

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Any car with a clutch.