Illustration: Austin-Healey

Hey! You made it through another week! Damn, you’re good at this moving-forward-through time stuff. Let’s celebrate by trying to estimate the sizes of the people in this Austin-Healey Sprite. Based on the sizes and positions of their heads, I’m not sure either person would be more than, oh, maybe 60 percent scale of an average human? They make that thing look huge.

Why did these ads do that? The one key trait about the Sprite/Midget was its diminutive size—did Austin just want everyone walking in the dealer to look at the brochure, then at themselves next to the car and think “holy shit, I’m colossal. I better buy this.”

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When little 12 year old Andy and his friend got behind the wheel and took off down the road, he never thought driving would feel this good. With his best friend Bob, a much more mature 14 years old and always dressed like his dad, they raced down the road. Bob had spoke of the wonders of open air driving when he too had stolen his dad’s MG but this Sprite was a different beast. Andy pressed the go pedal and it took off around the corner. Being a new driver, Andy did scare Bob a little when he came close to that tree but Andy being a Group B fan, knew he had plenty of room before hitting that tree. All of his hero’s came close to trees.