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Hey Ya! Volkswagen Iroc Concept on Video

If it was VW's idea to use Andre 3000's "Hey Ya" as the sound bed for this promo video featuring its new Iroc concept, they're geniuses. If it was some enterprising chap who just wanted to break the silence that usually pervades carmakers' press vids, even better. Nonetheless, there it is.


More at Carscoop.

The Wind Cries Scirocco: More on VW's Iroc Concept [internal]

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Is this the new Scirroco concept? Cause it looks like a slightly redesigned GTI. I think it's going to seriously poach sales of the Rabbit/GTI. The Scirroco was more of a GT than a hatch — they did that on purpose, as the Rabbit filled the hatchback niche.

I guess I was expecting something along the lines of the Corrado.