Hey Little Lotus Blossom: Automaker Launches Fragrance in New York

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We simply just don't get the co-branded auto-fragrance thing. When we wear cologne, it's Background, by Jil Sander (which, as far as we can tell, is still unavailable in the US). It's obscure. It's chichi, and when women ask us what it is, we tell them and they're impressed. This is why it pays to have gay German friends come to visit and bring gifts of impeccable taste, even if they wear black socks with sandals. But Lotus cologne? Erf. The "Tuned by Lotus" badges on the Isuzu Impulse were bad enough, but do you really have to whore yourselves out like that now that people actually care about your cars again? ForbesAutos has the story on the soiree.

Lotus Fragrance Launches in the U.S. [ForbesAutos]

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