Hey Ladies, Now You Can Keep Your Tush Safe Too With Tobacco Motorwear Denim

Motorcycle pants are possibly the hardest piece of motorcycle gear to find quality options in, and I’m not talking about just for women. Tobacco Motorwear thinks everyone deserves top-notch gear and, to prove it, the pulled some poor sucker down the Los Angeles River.


The problem with moto denim is that, unlike a jacket, you can’t just take it off at your destination. So, it has to be safe, but also something you can move in easily. I’m a big fan of UGLYBROS denim, but even with the exterior removable armor, those things are going to really protect me in a crash.

The Tobacco denim line takes a slightly different approach. They understand that very few riders are willing to wear armor in their denim, so they’ve opted to tackle abrasion resistance. Their denim is made of high quality denim with a little stretch to help keep the fit in shape, and then lined completely with Dupont Kevlar.


The pants have a skinny, high waisted cut and are given a nice, yet subtle finish. To launch the women’s line, Tobacco has started a Kickstarter to help fund he project. The reserve has already been met almost twice over, but there are four days left if any of you ladies want to get in on the action.

Photos: Tobacco Motorwear

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