Kenstall Lewis Blockerheimer doesn't do a media tour the way most people do. He dropped Gymkhana 7 earlier this week, millions of you watched it, and now he's here to answer your questions about the deep thoughts that exist behind those impenetrably dark shades and that impossibly flat-billed hat.

This isn't the first time KB has come here to do a post-Gymkhana Q&A so you can see all the stupid questions he already answered here. Also, the last time he hadn't just created an 845 HP AWD Mustang so... we got some more things to ask.

Dare I introduce him? Is it possible to read this site and simultaneously not know who Ken Block is? I doubt it. But just in case, here we go: He co-founded a shoe business, then sold it, became a rally driver, won a bunch of races, decided to race in the WRC where he scored some points (as Bill Caswell would remind you: More Americans have walked on the moon than scored points in the WRC), created this whole Gymkhana craze, raced in the GRC and won a bunch of races and nearly snagged a championship this year. He also constantly builds cool shit just because he can.


He is who we'd all want to be if we were richer, smarter, more talented, and secretly afraid of direct sunlight. Go ahead, ask him all the questions you want, he's here for about an hour.